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Marine International Liquid Terminal

Establishment of new project MILT has been launched with an objective to bring dynamic change in Ethanol export trade market through state of the art terminal having safe storage, ISO Tank Container state-of-the-art Cleaning equipment and drum filling arrangements.
Pakistan, is one the finest quality producer of Ethanol globally, presently stands among the top three exporting country through Bulk, ISO Tank Container & through Drum shipments.
This unique Storage Tank facility will safeguard against any product decay in Steel coated buried tanks installed in cool, well-ventilated spaces, away from sunlight.

MILT has set up the countrys largest, dedicated and professionally run Ethanol Storage, Filling & Decanting arrangement, ISO Tank Container Cleaning Equipment and ISO Tank Container repair shop approved by Global Standard Organization ITCO.
The advantage of coordinated services offered by MILT under one boundary generates a substantial economy for Ethanol exporters in Punjab & Interior Sindh by eliminating logistic & administrative cost spent on split arrangements of storage, ISO Tank Cleaning, filling and decanting of their products in container or drums in different locations.
The simultaneous operation in MILT under one boundary ensures safe & sound product storage, ISO tank cleaning, auto filling & decanting through auto operated terminal bays eliminate environmental and accidental risk & hassle of exporters & all other stake holders.
The strategic location of MILT at Northern By-Pass Road facilitates transportation of shipments through both the major sea ports of Pakistan.
Karachi Port is 17 KM from MILT and Port Qasim is 50 KM - to move the stored product from terminal to meet the time line of vessel schedule.

Mission Statement


Vision Statement


Project will facilitate

  • Ethanol Manufacturers & Exporters
  • International Ethanol buyers
  • International ISO tank operators
  • Local road tankers of liquid cargo
  • Leasing companies



To provide ethanol storage facility for distilleries in Pakistan, which will enhance the export of ethanol in ISO tanks & drums.


To provide efficient and timely availability of Tank Cleaning Services as per international standards through state-of-art terminal.

Service Line

Ethanol Storage Facility

This facility will facilitate ethanol manufacturers (Distilleries), exporters and buyers to fill ethanol in ISO tanks, IBC and Drums. Proposed facility will be one of its kind in the region. Terminal will have 10 ethanol storage tanks in the designated area of approx. 5 acre to facilitate 12 distilleries in Punjab and 06 distilleries in Sindh on dedicated basis. In phase 1 there will be 10 tanks with storage capacity of 5,000 MT

ISO & Other Tanks Cleaning Facility

Fully automated state of the art cleaning system will be deployed for this purpose. Initially, the quality will be derived through four cleaning bays. One of which will be dedicated for food grade, offering interior steam and regular cleaning as well as exterior cleaning. The system will be also cater for 60 ft. road tankers which consist of four partitions tanks; cleaning simultaneously with four spinners

Repair & Maintenance of ISO Tanks Facility

International standards of classification societies in repair service will be followed. The company will provide major and minor repairs, structural and tank interior and exterior repairs.


Project Access

Marine International Liquid Terminal (Proposed) will be established with a belief to bring dynamic change in Ethanol Supply Chain by providing storage facility for distilleries in Pakistan and state of art ISO Tank Cleaning for global tank operators under one roof.

  • Ethanol Storage & Handling Facility
  • ISO & Other Tanks Cleaning Facility
  • ISO Tank Repair & Maintenance Facility


Ethanol Storage Tanks

  • Ethanol Tank filling capability in ISO, IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container), Drums.
  • Dedicated Storage Services - Ethanol.
  • Customs Clearance Services

ISO & Other Tank Cleaning Facility

  • Certified Tank Cleaning Services as per ECD (European Cleaning Document).
  • Steam Heating / Degassing.
  • Certified NDT, Periodic & Other Tests

Repair & Maintenance Facility of ISO Tanks

  • ISO Tank Container Refurbishment.
  • ISO Tank Inspection on Hire/Off Hire
  • High Tech Repair & Maintenance Services.
  • ISO Tank Spare Part Sales & Services.
  • Grinding, Buffing and Polishing

Certification & Licensing


International Certification/Inspection

  • Terminal will be accredited with International standards & classification society.
  • ATCO, ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) including EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organization), SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability), CEFIC, and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
  • MILT inspectors, repairer, cleaner will be certified by classification society

Local Certification & Licensing

  • MILT will be accredited by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), DOE (Department of Explosive), and Excise

Our Team

Capt. Haleem Ahmed Siddiqui


Sharique Azim Siddiqui


Capt. Zafar Iqbal Awan

Chief Patron

Masood Ahmed Usmani



Formed in 1964, Marine Group of Companies is the most diversified cargo-handling, logistics and shipping solutions provider. This business conglomerate began with a vision to progressively contribute in uplifting Pakistan's economy through the provision of a variety of superior quality products and services to a cross-section of clientele both locally and internationally.
Today, it is diversified into maritime services, stevedoring, terminal operations, ships chartering, Global Logistics. Vast experience of over 50 years specifically in shipping business makes Marine Group ideal for Ethanol Storage Terminal & ISO Tank cleaning terminal facility.
Marine Group introduced a flagship project of Container Terminal in 2002 under the style of Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited (PICT) having project cost of US $ 150 million.
Marine Group has also built a coal and clinker terminal under the style of Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited (PIBT) having project cost of US $300 million.
International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have been lenders in both of the above projects and IFC has also been an equity partner in PIBT.
Marine Group is also actively involved in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, aiming to positively contribute towards the progressive growth and sustainable development of the marginalized people and communities.

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Ethanol Filling in ISO tanks & drums

As there have been only storage tanks available in Pakistan for export in bulk which are used to fill directly in vessels at port.
Market trend evidenced through personal visits to distilleries and published reports it has been observed that supply to retail sector fetches more revenue as compare to bulk export in international market.
Our project is focused on the filling of ethanol in ISO tanks, IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) of 1000 liters and drums of 200 liters.
Pakistan has around 650,000 metric tons to export, only 15% from Sindh & 3% to 4% from Punjab is moving through ISO tanks. A total of 22 distilleries are established in Pakistan out of which 7 are located in Sindh, 12 are located in Punjab and 3 are located in KPK.

ISO Tank

History of ISO Tank industry in Pakistan is very short which covers 8 years from 35 years of international span.
Supply of ethanol and other chemicals in ISO tanks is in the growth phase in Pakistan. Market research strongly indicates the movement of ethanol and other chemicals in ISO tanks will increase 8% to 10% per annum. Ethanol specifically and other chemicals need clean ISO tanks for filling at present there are only 02 facilities with the limited capability to clean tank which is not meeting market requirement, moreover no facility in Pakistan offering a clean ISO tank and storage & filling of ethanol under one roof. International buyers require ISO tank cleaning, storage & filling under one roof to facilitate their logistics and smoothen the supply chain.
Currently, only Sindh distilleries are exporting ethanol in ISO Tank, more than 600 tanks orders in hand but there are only 300-350 tanks being exported per month due to unavailability of Certified Cleaned Tanks. The procedure involves filling ethanol in ISO tanks at the factory and for bulk vessel; ethanol can be filled from big vertical/shore tanks at Karachi Port. However, there is no filling facility available for ISO tanks in Karachi, Pakistan. If there will be a filling facility available for ISO tanks in Karachi, the numbers can get tripled and Punjab distilleries will definitely start export in ISO tanks


  • Total 22 active ethanol distilleries in Pakistan.
  • 12 distilleries in Punjab Province 1200 - 1700 km away from port city Karachi and 03 are in KPK.
  • 7 distilleries of Sindh are exporting ethanol in ISO tanks and drums.
  • Punjab distilleries are unable because of very high round trip transportation cost.
  • 7 distilleries in Sindh Province 400 – 600 km away from port city Karachi.
  • Pakistan total ethanol production was recorded at 650,000 metric tons during 2017-2018.
  • As per Customs report ethanol export from Pakistan (Sindh) 10,000 MT in ISO Tanks & 2,500 MT in drums per month and is growing
  • Through MILT Punjab distilleries can save 50% to 75% transportation cost as well as half of the turnaround time, they can meet shipment dead line time more efficiently


  • Through MILT Punjab distilleries can save 50% to 75% transportation cost as well as half of the turnaround time, they can meet shipment dead line time more efficiently.
  • As per Pakistan Ethanol Manufacturer Association MILT will change the dynamics of ethanol export market as Punjab distilleries are desperate to export ethanol in ISO Tanks.
  • Contacts have been established with Punjab distilleries to use this facility


Movement of ethanol & chemicals in ISO tanks is expected to grow rapidly from Pakistan up to 2023 and beyond. In Jan 2018, 542,000 tanks have been reported moving around the world of which major numbers are reported in Asia as per ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) and is growing by 8% to 10% per annum.
Pakistan will have immediate effect once the cleaning facility is established which will be great attraction for ISO tanks operators, like Hoyer, Stoult & Eagle Tanners etc. This facility will add the value to ethanol and exchequer will earn extra foreign exchange. Along with ISO tanks there is a demand from African region for small packaging like IBC & drums of 200 liters.
In 2012, when one existing terminal “PTO” had started its operations at Port Qasim, only 35 tanks were coming to Pakistan. This figure rose to 450 tanks per month within a period of 2 months of company operations. Similar pattern was observed in exports as well. Unfortunately, export growth ratio has dropped down due to unavailability of required number of cleaned tanks on time. A tank has to wait 30 days to start cleaning because the import numbers were in double digit than the terminal capacity. This situation blinking the need of another Tank cleaning terminal that can revive the previous as well as new import and export numbers


Project will be built on 07 Acres of land which includes 10 ethanol storage tanks, cleaning plant & washing bay, standard repair shop for ISO tanks and office block.

450 tanks storage area with 3 - height.

Near RCD northern bypass which is just 45 km away from QICT terminal and 20 km from PICT & KICT

Terminal will have 10 storage tanks in first phase to store Ethanol with a capacity of 5,000 metric ton at a time for filling in ISO tanks, IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) & drums for export purpose.

3-height single empty handler / stacker, Empty movement trolley
Prime mover.
Steam boiler of 4 MT. capacity for steam heating & washing.
A quality water RO plant, water treatment plant & 2 back up Gen set of 350 KVA, 1 back up Gen set of 100 KVA

Inspecting agency BV & SGS can be appointed for cleanliness certification upon request

Fully automated cleaning system with 2 bays and 4 spinners in each, 120 bars adjustable pressure pumps with high quality 08 spinners & water boilers controlling with fully computerized touch-screen PLC. Water treatment plant is installed for waste settlement for further incineration which is approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) sludge removing with certified company

Maintaining ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) & ATCO standards & methods and/or customer requirement.
Our R&D will actively make tanks in gate / out gate storage reports. EIR / damage report will be generated by our information systems and will be sent to customers on regular basis

All safety warning signage will be displayed. Wearing helmet, goggles and jackets are mandatory for visitors. All employees working directly in the cleaning bay will wear all necessary PPE. Our surveyors taking safety measures, GAS TESTING METER will be used to check oxygen level before entering into tank. Operator will be specifically trained to work in confined spaces


Working at MILT

Marine International Liquid Terminal (Proposed) will be established with a belief to bring dynamic change in Ethanol Supply Chain by providing storage facility for distilleries in Pakistan and state of art ISO Tank Cleaning for global tank operators under one roof.

Customer Support

Support at MILT

Our customer support department will be at service 24 hours with the experts waiting to provide any information required by our clients. Our objective is to provide solution for all problems regarding tariffs, schedule, routes and tracking.

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